Month: January 2019

Winter 2019 Season Registration & Draft

Welcome back everyone to another great season of Sunday Night Hockey. And Congratulations to the Brewinsonce again, for making it through another tough Fall Season Playoff Run. Here is the OTHC Facebook Group live update from the Penalty Box, in case you missed it:
“The Team that drinks together, Wins together. Congrats to the Brewins for taking back the Kielbasa Cup, as These guys played through Two games to get there. Two was the key number; 2 Wins, 2 Hat Trix by Rick Malcolm and just 2 Goals allowed by Charlie Chuck Ritchie, so Two MVPs right there. The Steel-Loons took home the Spam Cup over on Rink #1. Honorable mention goes to all of the OTHC guys coming out in foul weather.”
We are happy to announce that we will have an 8th team joining us for Winter 2019 season. The Revolution Icers (Listed as Madhatters) will be sponsored by Revolution Ice Centre and made up of Rink Employees, Knights Parents Coaches, and Russ! A few regulars from Russ Private Rental will join some of the parents that are fledgling players.
Click here to Register Online:
  • Registration Period for only first weeks: (Draft & Week #1)
    • Strict requirement that each Member must be Registered before Game #1.
  • You may Pay by Credit Card; Cash; Check directly- Payable to: Revolution Ice Centre
    • Price is $275
    • More details below…
·        All Players must be USA Hockey Registered before taking ice. Your USA Hockey # is required and Proof of Registration must be provided at time of League Registration.
  • Everyone has an individual responsibility to complete Registration and Payment Immediately so our Club can record Stats.
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Draft is Sunday Jan 6th, 6:00pm…bring Light & Dark Jersey
Any New Members joining, must obviously let us know they want to play and Show up at the Draft skate. Contact: [email protected]
   Cost is $10, Free if Registering/Paying
OTHC Winter 2019 Season- Rostering:
 Season starts on Jan 13th
We need to know of any Changes for Currently Rostered MembersTaking a break, Injured, etc… All Members that just Played Fall-2018, will be assumed they are Returning. If you become a No-Show, you falsely take up a Roster spot and hurt your former team that could have had someone take your spot. Don’t be that guy, please just let us know in advance so the team is not hurt by your departure.
Deadline to inform us of your Intentions for Roster spot is–  Sat. Jan 5th
 A follow-up Email will be sent by Jan 9th, displaying all Final Rosters.