Back on the Ice!

OTHC back in action tongiht after a week of for the Burke tournament!

Just a reminder of the Old Time Hockey culture we are trying to foster, in giving the Rookies to the game a little extra room to make a play. Nobody will really remember who won the Beer league Cup in summer of 2018, but all of our members will know who the good-natured guys are, and have respect for how they play the game. That’s the Locker Room that guys want to be in, the one that is fun and shares each game as a real TEAM.

I wrote this in Summer of 2016 and it captures it best in serving as an example from how one of the Rookies that played on my team, saw the game after playing elsewhere:

“Congratulations to Brian Brown for Scoring  his first OTHC Goal last week, snapping a quick rebound in for Wolverines goal. Brian has only played for 3 years and is keeping up pace in this Summer’s high-skilled action. He spent some frustrating years playing in another league down the road and I wanted to share his enthusiasm about playing here. Letting Brian figure it out on his own, I was really happy to hear why he likes this league so much more. He went on and on about “Hotshots” and playing with selfish guys in that other league, so this was refreshing to hear.

What struck me as a breakthrough for ALL of our players here that I am proud to share with all of you, was what he said about You guys in OTHC. He said, “The better players will not be selfish and shoulder me off the puck EVERY time I get near the puck. They tend to give me a chance, where I can pass or shoot. I am telling my brother that it is worth the drive up from down Philly way.” Wow, Brian’s 3 week observation is exactly what we have emphasized in every discussion, meeting, and update over the years. So, when a complete outsider comes into our league and picks up on that, it is a tribute to our Captains and mostly our Players for playing by that standard and giving guys like Brian some room to make a play. Thank You for understanding and for also playing unselfish hockey without the drama. The refs and I have seen few penalties, and some great games….Thank You!”

          Please make sure you have a Matching Team Jersey, and a unique Jersey Number!




Rink 2

Charlestown Chiefs


Waterbury Wolverines


Rink 2

Hamilton Mustangs


Thunder Bay Bombers


Chicken, corn and burgers will be supplied by the Wolverines tonight.