OTHC Hockey Update – Winter 2018 Finals

OTHC Members,

The Loons and MisFits face off in the Kielbasa Cup Final in this week’s 7:00pm game. These two teams have battled through 5 weeks of Playoffs to earn their place in this Game. OTHC is no cake walk on the long and winding Playoff road, we may enjoy some cake(and Sausage) after the game, but what happens on the Ice burns enough calories to stay after the game for a Slice. Earning “Beer of the Game” (incentive adopted from Brewin’s Bachman) for Loons, was Leslie Lyness who was a stone wall on D. Meanwhile in the other Semi-Final game, many different MisFits players were contributing. One of the prettiest Goals of the season was re-directed in by Joe Demanicor on a Jesse Benedict feed from the corner. The Table is set for a Great game!

All other teams are Scheduled to play in the Final week of the season for the Jerky Cup and Spam Cups. Teams have been plugged-in, so please check Schedule for May 20th  Below -> I really encourage everyone to show up for their Final game of the season, or tell their Captain if they can’t make it.

We’ll find a way to televise NHL Playoffs… so make it out for the Finals.

Good Luck Boys!

SCHEDULE:  (Entire view)






Blue Squid

Jerky Cup





Keilbasa Cup


Steel – Vipers

Mad Storm

Spam Cup




Summer 2018 DRAFT/Skate




Summer 2018 season Begins


Same slots: No July 1st or Aug 5th

** Full Periods of Sudden death Play will take place during the Championship Game at 7:00pm

OTHC Summer Season:

Please begin letting me know that you would like to play the Summer Season….just Email me! It will be done the same way we do every fun Summer season of the past; as a Complete Re-Drafting of players by Captains. The Age limit is relaxed to +21(with all new Players mandatory Attendance at Draft). It always works out in the “Summer-Mixer” that we get to play with some different Teammates and get to know new teammates. Please let me know if questions, so I can get you on that precious Draft List that is limited to 4 teams!

·         OTHC Draft-  Friday June 1st, 8:30pm (Sign-up and play Open-Hockey Draft skate free)

·         Games begin- Sunday 6/3,  6:30pm & 8:00pm

·         Sundays only- Except for July 1st, August 5th, done by late Aug.

·         Email- [email protected] by Draft Deadline 6/1

·         We are Keeping the Teams to just 4, so make sure you don’t get Shut Out?  1st that Notify, are the 1st that are Rostered and Safe

Thanks Guys!


Huge Thanks to all of the Teams this season that have provided Food!!!


Please let me know if you are interested in some extra Skating this summer.

Thanks for Participating & Enjoy the Club,

Chris Becker