OTHC Alumni Night- Tribute to Chewey

OTHC Members,

Just a brief News Update on Alumni Night and what to expect. No changes to Game Times or Schedule….all is expected to run on-time. We would really like to have good Participation from ALL of our Members. I want to Thank an OTHC Alum himself, Stew Hatchell for offering his Write-up(below) as a tribute to his old teammates.
Alumni Night & Fund Raiser:
This Sunday is our  “OTHC Alumni night”, where we honor our Original Members that have been key to success of this league:  Mike Chastwyck aka “Chewey” and Jimmy “Tubs” Tubridy. Tubs had a Family commitment pop up, and we will honor him(and others) at a future date.
Sun  Nov 26, 7:00pm
Little Knights Fund Raiser will Supply Food
Bring Cash for Donating for a Plate.
Sterry & WVIHL have offered Free Beer from IronMan Kegs
I hope all of our fans & friends will join us for helping with a Fund Raiser for the team, Cooked up by the Little Knights Hockey Parents. All are welcome and the Food begins getting served around 7:00pm to 10pm. It’s just $7 a plate, where can you get a deal like that? Right here at the local Rink- Revolution Ice Centre, and be amused watching the Over The Hill Club play. Where most players are better at eating the Biscuit, rather than passing it!
The menu
-Ziti -salad -bread/rolls -Meatballs -veggie tray -water -dressing -Parmesan cheese -desserts
Tribute to “Chewey & Tubs” :
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Today, two veterans in long standing are retiring from the OTHC. They’ll both be missed in so many unique ways. We will miss your presence on & off the rink. We will miss your good humor, your willingness to participate  – especially when we were facing some real obstacles but we will miss most of all your personalities. Thank you for that. Thank you for all you have contributed to this organization.
I remember a Lake Placid tournament in 2004 with the VIPERS, and a younger Chewie was our goalie. I was trying to nap in my room but Chewie – who was in the adjacent room – would have none of that, and knocked incessantly on the wall while chuckling until such time I woke up, got dressed, and went out for a few jars with him. I had an awesome time that night, and really got to know him so much better.  Thanks Chewie! That is him in a nutshell, and I’ll never forget that. He is a terrific teammate, and I don’t think I ever saw him get rattled. The same goes for Jimmy Tubbs. JT is a stalwart who never left anything on the rink – he always gave you 100% and you never saw Tubby come unglued. Goals and assists didn’t matter. He played intense, and was one of the most honest players I’ve had the pleasure of sharing ice with. And he could hoist a beverage or three!
I want to wish you both well. I know you plan to relax on Sundays now. I hope you enjoy and find new meanings beyond Sunday night hockey. You deserve all the best. May you find it. Thanks for your friendship – I’ll never forget you guys. 
Big Thanks to Captain Stew’bing!!  Stew has confirmed his room at Becker B&B and will be down from Montreal for our local Outdoor Pond Hockey Tournament. See “Wally Ice Fest” info below-à Stew is a Free Agent and looking to Hook-up with anyone forming a team in the Muskie Division, or whatever works.
Tonight’s SCHEDULE:

PLAYOFFs  (Points Based Round #2)
Misfits (4)
Brewins (3)
Vipers (5)
Brewins (3)
Loons (6)
Blue Squid (1)
Steelheads (7)
Storm (2)
Wally Ice Fest Pond Hockey Tournament:
Go to www.wallyicefest.com to get informed. This is going to be epic, you will want to be part of the very first Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament on top of Lake Wallenpaupack!
Teams are now Registering, so sign those local players now before they make their commitment to another team. This year, we are planning a backup Venue at Promised Land State Park to greatly increase opportunity to host the event in 2018 … Stay tuned into Facebook Page: 
                                    WALLY ICE FEST
Thank You,
OTHC Commissioner