Update Winter 2017, Playoffs Round 1

OTHC Members,
All Games will begin at 5:00pm, with a Bye for the Loons in this first round.  We’ll have Off for Easter, and a later start for Mother’s Day.
Get your Beards on and Get ready for the Playoffs! We’ll be playing 3 Rounds of Points-Based Round Robin, where the Higher seeds are Scheduled vs the Lower Seeds. Then we play two more rounds that whittle down the top teams that face each other in May. Best of Luck to all….
Please join us in sending off Andy with a Party…. Details are Below ->
Here are the final regular season standings:

Andy’s Pro Shop Retirement:

Join us in giving Andy a proper send-off. What do I raise to the Rafters this time?
Andy is chasing his Girlfriend to Syracuse, NY. She was relocated there for job advancement, and he will be moving up next week. This will be his last Sunday night at the Rink. He has been our faithful Equipment Manager and a fellow player for the last 3 Summer seasons. He will still be back to visit/work during big tournaments, like the Dave Burke Memorial and our Pond Hockey outing.
He has been an awesome Right-hand man for me, working 6 days a week since he came here with Zero Pro-Shop experience over 5 years ago. So, the question I am getting asked now, “who replaces Andy?”, is answered like this: an Army of new hires… We’ll see who rises to the top and becomes an Ace. But, None are irresponsible High School kids that most shops hire and never bother training. Christine(OTHC) already has 3 weeks Training in so far and has done 70 prs of rental Skates, and I enjoyed skated on her Sharpening, and she has just completed Riveting/Profiling. We also have Brad Williams(OTHC) player & Ref and then Quinn Gilly and Matt Szmal practicing & training; along with our intern Laura Thonus returning from University of Alabama where she became a successful Equipment Manager(Sharpening & Repairing).
We will miss Andy, but rest assured you will be in good hands in our Shop!


Tailgating is back! The MisFits Delivered with Pizza.  It made for an easy job for Loons on Clean-up duty … Steelheads will host us this weekend!