OTHC Schedule and Standings

The regular season schedule has been posted along with scores and standings.  If you see an error, let me know in the comments.

Next Sunday is “Mischief night”.  In year’s past, we saw some great costumes from our Players… what about this year? Hat Trick Hockey is offering Free Sharpening coupons to the top 3 costumes! We are also inviting all ‘IBold’/OTHC alumni for Halloween Hockey Homecoming. We need guys like Frank Valeski in” Making OTHC Scary again”.
One Scary subject is the OTHC “DL” is full of Injured more players than ever this season!
 One more on the list is #74, MisFit’s Sam Bayoumi. With no Shoulder Pads, Sam easily broke his collar bone in the game vs Loons when he went into the end-boards extremely hard. In talking with Sam, he now has a different attitude on Equipment for Men’s League. A basic pair of Shoulder Pads would have lessened the impact and been the difference between broken bones and bruises. He is also Upgrading his Helmet and changing his Visor to a Cage; after a few close calls and filling out the USA Hockey Accident form: “what type of Visor/Cage were you wearing?”.   Naturally, we have the best Pro-Shop in the USA right in your Rink to help get him equipped.
But SERIOUSLY, it’s only a matter of time before you take a puck or stick in the chops or crash into the boards with your head or shoulders. A deep rut, a trip, a deflection of a stray puck or an errant stick is unforeseen, but common in our sport. Many players I have talked to, have learned that lesson the hard way when we compare battle scars… I have suffered a concussion, a broken Ankle and snapped a Collar bone, myself. So, we just want to pass along some good advice to wear solid Protective gear, because it’s a very expensive trip to the OR, and we can’t afford to lose anyone else to the DL!
One other mention, I was told by the Officials that you have been warned and will be called for a Minor Penalty for not having a unique Number on your Jersey THIS WEEK! Please stop in the shop and let us Press one on with 10 Mins of your time. It was pointed out to me that the Storm have Two #22’s and two #7’s, so decide before tonight. We need this straight for Penalties and Scoring…Thanks!