Summer champs: Waterbury Wolverines!

OTHC Members,
Congratulations are in order, as The Summer SBC Cup was presented to the Waterbury Wolverines in the Championship Game. It was a great game, 6-4 upsetting the Mustangs, that played a tough one… It was an easy call to name John Crognale as the MVP, as he was all over the ice and the score sheet!
Now, it’s time to get our core teams back together to get the Fall Season under way… Watch your Email and check out our Web site:
OTHC will begin the next season on Sunday, Sept 11th.
  DRAFT Skate: Thursday, Sept 8th at 9:30pm
 *Alt, Draft Skate: Tuesday, Sept 6th at 9:30pm…(*Public Open Hockey*, in case you cannot make Thursday Draft)
è Draft Skate is Free if you Complete all Registration & Payment!
Please send me Email on your Playing Status.  Deadline for Sign-ups is Draft Day- (Sept. 8th)
The way we do it, is Lock-in all Players that played in the last season(Winter 2016), unless you notify us you are NOT playing.
New players must contact me and attend Draft:    Chris Becker[email protected]
 USA Hockey expires on 8/31, so make sure you renew at:               
USA Hockey Registration MUST BE COMPLETED

 Fall 2016 OTHC Registration Form to be Completed for Draft / Week #1. 
This Form is Attached for your convenience.
Can easily be filled out and brought with you on Draft nights. That will save time. In addition, Players must register for the new year which begins/ends August 31st with USA Hockey.
Registration form and USA Hockey Proof, along with payment should be presented during Sign-ups.
Thank You and hope to see you soon,
OTHC Commissioner


  1. Chris,

    I looked at the OTHC rosters and you have not fixed the problem that has been festering for the last 5 years. All the team cliques are
    still together. Not blowing up all the teams is continuing the bad
    blood that the teams have toward each other and make doing the
    games a real drag because of all the shit between the teams. The
    original idea for the league was to have new teams each season to
    get players to all like each other and to eliminate the crap. It is
    now much more enjoyable to do the regular men’s league games than it is to do OTHC games. Until you blow up all the teams and get back to the fun and original spirit of the OTHC, I am not interested in officiating any of the OTHC games.

  2. I don’t comment on League matters over Social Media. I sent a detailed reply via Email; and welcome you to attend a League Meeting this coming Sunday @ 5:00pm….. we’ll even offer a schlice of Pizza as incentive?

    1. Hey since you don’t respond on Email, can you tell me how long you will be away this season. I Traded myself away, and now might have to undo that Trade?

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