1. Quick question, do they think it will be fixed by Saturday’s open hockey? Just want to avoid a drive over there and find out the hard way. 3 plus inches of rain locally last night doesn’t help.

  2. Mark Ceaser, I will put out Update on Hat Trick Hockey Pro Shop page about details…but they took a Lightning strike to Dehumidifier…. it looks like it is nearly repaired, but playing it safe and lots of moisture to remove. Open tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for the update, Chris. It was pretty bad here and Chris Novrocki posted his radar screen shot last night. It looked 10x worse in Pittston than Gouldsboro got. I had a close strike about 9:30 that I thought blew out the cable modem but everything is ok here.

  4. even the Pond is at Flood stage! Just had to pull hockey nets out of the surge…

  5. Yikes. Sorry I didn’t make it up there. I have been trying to get extra classes in with karate to make up when I was sidelined.

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