Misfits Hockey – Bobbi Reid Fedele notches her first win as…

Bobbi Reid Fedele notches her first win as Captain of the redesigned Misfits for winter 2016. With the addition of a few new faces for the winter season the Misfits would battle the Steelheads in a tight game that ended 2-2 after three periods of play. It was Bobbi’s brother Jesse that’s been battling a hamstring injury he inccurred while playing last season that would net the game winner in Overtime.
Joey Onda would get the Misfits on the board in the first period and rejoining the team this season, defenseman Mike Gaudette, would give the Misfits a one goal lead until with just a few seconds left in the second period the Steelheads would find a loose puck from a shot taken just above the left face-off circle and tie the game at 2. Both teams had their opportunities to take the lead during the third period but were denied by solid goaltending at each end of the ice. A slight bit of confusion came at the end of regulation as the officials weren’t aware of the tie game protocol in the OTHC rule book but Commish Chris Becker was on hand to give clarification and play resumed with 5 on 5 for a five minute overtime.
Final : Misfits 3 – Steelheads 2 (O.T.)
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    1. we used to employ Dickie Dunn as our beat writer in the past because you know, he tries to capture the spirit of the thing.
      Perhaps, Dickie came back from Fla.

  1. Oh sure, one win and you’re all uppity about the spelling of your name? The power has definitely gone to her head…

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