Month: January 2016

Misfits Hockey – Bobbi Reid Fedele notches her first win as…

Bobbi Reid Fedele notches her first win as Captain of the redesigned Misfits for winter 2016. With the addition of a few new faces for the winter season the Misfits would battle the Steelheads in a tight game that ended 2-2 after three periods of play. It was Bobbi’s brother Jesse that’s been battling a hamstring injury he inccurred while playing last season that would net the game winner in Overtime.
Joey Onda would get the Misfits on the board in the first period and rejoining the team this season, defenseman Mike Gaudette, would give the Misfits a one goal lead until with just a few seconds left in the second period the Steelheads would find a loose puck from a shot taken just above the left face-off circle and tie the game at 2. Both teams had their opportunities to take the lead during the third period but were denied by solid goaltending at each end of the ice. A slight bit of confusion came at the end of regulation as the officials weren’t aware of the tie game protocol in the OTHC rule book but Commish Chris Becker was on hand to give clarification and play resumed with 5 on 5 for a five minute overtime.
Final : Misfits 3 – Steelheads 2 (O.T.)
Source: Misfits Hockey – Bobbi Reid Fedelle notches her first win as…

Winter 2016 Schedule & Rosters

OTHC Members,

Welcome to another great season of Sunday Night Hockey. The Rosters and Schedule are included below(and Attached)….along with a Rookie Introduction which is worth reviewing for all members. For Winter/Spring 2016, the OTHC will be expanding with a 7th Team. The Mad Storm is a combination of former Mad Hatters and Red Storm. We welcome back many players from past seasons. It’s been 6 years since Scotty Reinhart has played as an Original Stacked Bastard(2005 Mad Hatters), and we are happy to have an original founder return to the Line-up. At the same time another founding member is stepping down. Stew Hatchell has played with us since 2005 and needs to rest the knees. Although, we hope we won’t be hanging his Jersey next to the #24 worn by Frank “the Tank” Valeski at any time soon. Stew will remain in his role as league consultant and Chief of Fun Police! Stew hands the reins over to Hutch & Dougie the Goalie, as it takes two guys to fill his shoes. Please welcome your new Captains:

Vipers- Dave Hutchinson & Doug Lazecki (A)

Misfits- Bobbi Fedele (actually our 2nd Woman Captain, don’t forget the Iron, or Cow-bell fisted rule of Jamie Cole)… Bobbi has not chosen her On-ice Assistant.

Mad Storm- Mike Mera & Brian Cole (A)

All of Your Captains have blessed the Rosters for Winter 2016 and are anxious to get back on the ice. So, we go into this season with a new 7th Team which will mean each Team will get two Byes. A night off from time to time is not so bad. All teams will play a total of 14 Games, with an exciting 4 rounds of Playoffs. We chose the Points-based format so that you would know in advance what the schedule looks like. The only unpredictable part is how the Final night will shape up. In any case, it’s a fun ride and I hope you enjoy the spirit and comraderie of the Old Time Hockey Club.

Good Luck guys …take a look at the very bottom to see what team has contracted you ->>>


Registration Period for only first 2 weeks: (Week #1 & #2)
Strict requirement that each Member come early and complete forms
No Un-Registered Players will be permitted to take Ice after week #1.


All Players must be USA Hockey Registered before taking ice. Your USA Hockey # is required and Proof of Registation must be provided at time of League Registration.

Everyone has an individual responsibility to complete Registration and Payment Immediately so our Club can record Stats.



OTHC League jerseys have recently changed hands to now be managed by your Captains. New members should talk to your captain about purchasing a Spare. We do uphold a Strict Requirement that all Members in the League MUST WEAR A MATCHING TEAM JERSEY WITH A UNIQUE NUMBER. All players have participated in becoming a Team Member by investing in a Team Jersey, to be fair to them and our league it is expected that new players follow suit.


ATTN: Please bring your old Red Storm Jersey for Brian Cole: [email protected] or Drop-off in Pro-Shop! Brian is trying to resurrect the Red Storm Jerseys and get this team looking good.


Attached is a Confirmed Schedule for Duration of Season. We play only on Sunday evenings. Realize that we will begin a little later in Jan/Feb following High School League. And President’s Day weekend 2/14 has some very good slots available. Please let me know if our OTHC, Private Rental, or Select Open Hockey would work.


Each team takes their turn of hosting for ONE week during the season. Each team fully voluteers all of it’s rostered members to contribute and each guy simply brings in a dish. That team will typically play the Early game and then setup their dishes and fire-up the Grill(or Cater in dishes) right after playing. Each team has taken pride in hosting and some teams have tried to outdo others in the Grilling category…we are bringing back the Golden Spatula award!! Some teams do a GREAT job…and we should probably have an extra Point in the Standings for these Teams!
Food Hosting begins in the 2nd half of the season(around Easter) and each team will take one turn….


Your captains help collect Fees, attend Meetings, keep order on the team, and get everyone scheduled for Food & Beverages, etc.. please help them. We could always use more volunteers. We need folks to send in game highlights, participate on Fun Police committee, take part in hosting our Summer “Dave Burke Tournament”, etc… This is your Hockey Club, it is what you make of it. We would like everyone to participate and hang around to socialize with Members from other teams to get the full flavor of a Hockey Night out within this great community of guys with the same love of the game.


This week’s schedule is posted on the right.  The rest of the schedule will be posted on the site soon.