Week 10 Update

OTHC Members,
The Iron Man Tournament (announcement is at the bottom of this message) has extra room in the OTHC Division…B Division was Cancelled out, so we can fit another team or so.
Movember brings us lots of “Flow” and Facial growth, Jagr has even been bringing back the Mullet! Still fashionable for your PLAYOFF Runs, that will begin this Sunday. The top finishing Teams have earned their way into an easier Schedule run of playing the teams finishing with a weaker showing in the Standings It will be a Points-Based Tournament for 3 weeks. With 2 Points for every win and 1 for a Tie, many teams end up close in the Standings. Keep in mind that Goals Against(GA) becomes an important determining factor. Here is a look at the Stats & Standings from our Regular Season play. OverTime format will continue to be the same as used in Regular Season Play (5-on-5 for 5 mins). Only the Final Night of play becomes a Sudden-Death format.
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