Month: August 2015

Back to Hockey…

OTHC Members,

It’s Back to Hockey time…with another successful Dave Burke Tourney behind us, the Fall 2015 Season is now less than a month away. This will be a new Decade and actually our 11th season of the “I.B.Old”/”Old Time Hockey Club”! I think we let the 10th Anniversary get by us and are due some kind of celebration? In any case, we continue to have all the best Beer League guys coming together for a great mix of Skills, Personalities, and hockey Family for the ultimate Sunday night experience.

The rumor mill has many members confused on some new Scheduling for this Fall. Since Rink #1 is down and may remain down for some time, yet to be determined. Many folks are misinformed about– playing after Midnight, 2:00am, and getting crazier & crazier, etc… I want to share some FACTS here. For starters, the High School League does not begin their Games until November, typically the 2nd Sunday in Nov. Until then the games would be at very reasonable times that we are accustomed to playing. Once the HS League begins, we will be forced to play our 3rd game in something like a possible 10:45pm slot; and we are looking into the 4th game being a Sunday Afternoon game. Again, this would only affect the last 6 weeks, and on a Rotating basis of 8 Teams, the chances you play once to twice in these Ice Slots. I am working on a Mock-up Schedule for the next Update.

State of our League: The Captains have been discussing once again, serious possibilities of a Re-Draft for the Fall Season. Most are in favor of mixing things up. And when many of our “Lifetime Members” like Paul Salvisburg, Steve Davis, Hank and the boys say, “Beck, it’s time to start with a Clean slate”; then we must listen. Guys, this is not the end of humanity like many make it out to be…the chances your Captain will likely pick you back are Huge. The chances you get to play with a few new guys are comparatively much slimmer, …and the chances you enjoy meeting a few new guys and playing hockey with them is a clear and sunny forecast for the Spirit of Comradery in our Hockey Club. After all, it’s a Club for PLAYERS, not for specific Teams or Franchises, right?

I base this on playing in every Locker Room myself and the feedback I get after every Summer season where we have always done a total Re-Draft….I promise you, it will be a welcome change and we are overdue. We know how to keep and family members and Carpool guys together…trust us.

Whatever your issue or problem may be, you just need to let me know directly. Our League is founded on majority opinion and has always taken the best ideas and put them in action; and this is where each and every one of you has a Voice. I encourage you to speak-up and heap Emails upon me so we can get to the root of things and find a solution.

I want to invite EVERYONE out to get some Pre-season conditioning… There are many Open Hockeys for you to attend. I would also like to see if we can get together for some kind of Banquet and celebrate our 10th anniversary (2005 to 2015). I also hope to see many of our guys out at Mt Airy for the Knights Golf Outing(see Info and Attachment and Below).

Fall 2015 Season:
Fall 2015 Draft Skate- TBD
(Open Hockey format if Registering for League)

Fall 2015 Season will begin Games on Sunday Sept 13th
Season Projected to have 8 teams and end by Dec 14th(Sundays only). We will return to Over 35 Format with consideration of those +30 aged players that want to stay on with us that have played in Summer season .
Please inform me of your intentions! Please send an Email Response by the deadline of End of this Month, so we can setup the teams around Sept 7th.

Golf Tournament:
Once again, it’s time for the North East Youth Hockey golf outing. It will be held next Saturday, August 22, at Mount Airy Casino and Resort with a 2:00 p.m. shotgun start. Not too late to Sign-up. Joe has some of the Loons and a few other OTHC guys….he asked me to see if a few others could get a Foursome together. Let me know if anyone needs a “Happy Gilmore” type?

Thanks to the efforts of our supporters and sponsors, NE Youth Hockey had its first ever, first round draft pick in the 2015 NHL draft.
Ivan Provorov was selected 7th overall by the Philadelphia flyers. Ivan is pictured on the tournament flyer in the bottom row third from the left. NE Youth Hockey also was privileged to see Nikita Pavlichev drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins 197th overall.

Please come out and support this cause and enjoy a day of fun and relaxation.
Joe Mariotti
[email protected]
(570) 466-9187

Bonus Hockey Conditioning Options:


Thursday(thru year) @ 12:00 noon (a few OTHC guys attend)

There are many other Options available(like Mondays at 7:00pm, Sat at 2:30pm)…check the Rink’s web site at:

As we discussed, I am putting my home in Old Boston on the market. Set forth below is a link to the info on it. It is a great location for someone looking to be close the ice rink. Could you forward the link to the OTHL to see if anyone might be interested.
Click to view listing(s)
Ken Lee